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saltnpepper - SaltNPepper-Project

Subject: SaltNPepper-Project

Description: With SaltNPepper we provide two powerful frameworks for dealing with linguistic
annotated data. SaltNPepper is an Open Source project developed at humboldt
university of Berlin. In linguistical research a lot of several formats exists,
but no common way to deal with them. Therefore we developed a metamodel, called
Salt which is an abstraction of linguistical data. Salt is based upon a general
graph structure and treats linguistical data as nodes and edges. Therefore it is
highly usable in different contexts of linguistic analyse. In the last years a
lot of tools for annotating and interpreting linguistic data has been developed.
Because of different aspects the tools has been created for, it could get
interesting to annotate one corpus with several tools. But often these tools
uses their own more or less proprietary formats, which are not compatible to
other tools. This makes converting become an interesting manner. Therefore we
developed Pepper, auniversal converter-framework based upon the metamodel Salt.

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